Bloodbath and Beyond 2013年12月3日下午4:03
Red Orchestra 2 Black Screen freeze right before Main Menu
When i launch RO2 it goes through all the movie credits in the beginning and then Right after it says Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Staligrad it black screens. and its Not responding. I dont know what the problem is because i can run RO1 fine and i meet all the requirements. Already Tried everything (Technical Problems FAQ) (And multiple others) HELP!
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Kraft 2013年12月4日上午4:52 
so you don't see the menu even for a split second?
Have you completly reinstalled this game?
Bloodbath and Beyond 2013年12月4日下午2:53 
Creepy6Ninja 1月1日下午12:46 
I have same problem someone please fix!!
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