ElektroFCK 2013年12月3日 11時25分
rogame.exe funktioniert nicht mehr /doesnt work anymore
Hi guys,

bought Rising Storm on sunday, played a few games, sucked hard and today i get kicked from game and when i tried to restart i get the message: rogame.exe doesntt work anymore (german: funktioniert nicht mehr ).

I have Windows 7 64 Bit. Please help me, i wanna play this game.

I checked the game with steam on missing parts, but that didnt helped me either. (check game data on missing parts).
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Kraft 2013年12月3日 11時42分 
schau mal ins tech faq
ElektroFCK 2013年12月3日 15時28分 
Where is the tech faq?
badboygoy 2013年12月3日 15時33分 
Hmm, so you already verified your cache? If so, then you should go to the TWI official RO2 forums, in the tech help section you will most likely find help.
Kraft 2013年12月4日 4時49分 
ElektroFCK の投稿を引用:
Where is the tech faq?
it's pinned.
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