AlexTheMarxist 2013年11月10日上午3:01
Can't find any servers at all!
I bought the game the other day but when i try to find an online game and click on multiplayer there is literally nothing on the page. The most people it's said have been online was 5 people. I've unblocked it from firewall and everything. Is there something I'm missing or does no one play this anymore?
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Moskeeto 2013年11月10日上午3:08 
Make sure that the game you are downloading and launching from your Steam games list is "Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer".

Rising Storm beta
Red Orchestra 2 beta
Moskeeto 2013年11月10日上午3:14 
Just wanted to add that the betas are both currently useless because they aren't being used for testing anything at the moment. So it's safe to delete both of them since he hey would both just be wasting hard drive space.
oggi 2013年11月10日上午3:50 
Check your expired Firewall Outgoin is not Allowed
Das war bei mir auch so.
Windows Firewall: erweiterte Einstellungen: in INcoming sind die Einstellungen richtig eingestellt, aber in OUTgoing sind sie überhaupt nicht eingestellt weder TCP noch UDP

Viel Spass Alex
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R5CYA 2013年11月10日上午8:10 
he IS trying to play on the betas. delete them from your library and install the multi player!
最后由 R5CYA 编辑于; 2013年11月10日下午4:29
AlexTheMarxist 2013年11月11日上午5:47 
ah ♥♥♥♥ yeah didn't realises that! i'll download that one now and see what happens. thanks!
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