Dadumi27032000 2013年11月8日 5時20分
Problem with custom maps
I have a problem with the ro2 custom maps whitch you can download via steam.
when i try to play them with bots in the ingame workshop , the loadingscreen is
named "Custom Map" and it loads for a long time until it crashs or i end the game
what should I do ?
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R5CYA 2013年11月9日 8時46分 
unsubscribe from everything in the steam workshop. go into you map folder and delete the custom maps. (you can also just delete everything in the folder and let the game reaquire the stock ones) then you can either re-subscribe to them in the workshop or, better yet, download them from here. this server always keeps them up to date. he loves custom maps! he has a server with no bot that plays only custom maps as well, with custom settings.
steam workshop for RO2/RS is still bugged. most people, including mappers aren't bothering with it right now.
Dadumi27032000 2013年11月11日 6時24分 
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