Arty 2013年11月7日 23時56分
Settings in game.
Game settings not save, then i restart the game.
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Tulipunahapero 2013年11月8日 4時49分 
and then?
T5 Tuomainen [29ID] 2013年11月8日 10時46分 
I get the same problem, trying to figure it out too. I'll give you a shout if I sort it out.

He means that his settings resets after game restart. I had that for controls too but then I set my ini "Read Only" and it worked. For example I want to disable in-game music and use native voices but I have to reset these after every restart.
Arty 2013年11月9日 8時38分 
U talking about ini file? Where is it?
Pvt. Pirate 2014年12月9日 9時27分 
it is to be found in your <OS-HDD>:\Documents and settings\<Username>\My files\My Games\RedOrchestra2SP\ROGame\Config\
at least that's where it can be found on winXP.
i might have to make a backup of those while the game is running, as it resets the ini when the game is shut down.

update: okay, that worked. i hope it also works copying those config files into the multiplayer.
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