BALL-SAN IS MY WAIFU! jan. 20. @ du. 3:08
How to describe a mission featuring the atomic bomb...
Just imagine a 1000 ingame flamethrowers, then we have it.
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PFC Jergulson [29ID] jan. 20. @ du. 10:52 
I think you are off by several orders of magnitude. Even for the small nuclear weapons of wwii :)
droggen jan. 21. @ de. 12:35 
Boy that would be a boring map for japan you just sit in a corner camping a door untill the allies auto win.
Crystal jan. 21. @ de. 1:42 
If the flamer was really how we have it in game i think weapon progress would stop and in all countries people in infantry used flamers only.
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MeFirst jan. 21. @ de. 1:54 
Not really. Flamethrowers are very limited in use. In the game they are not that much limited because you are faster, the distances are shorter and you dont have to be afraid of dying because you respawn. However I dont get when people complain a lot about the flamer. Also in the game it is a 100% hit or miss weapon. Depending on the situation in the game it is the perfect or the most horrible weapon you can have in your hands.
BALL-SAN IS MY WAIFU! jan. 21. @ de. 9:39 
This post was just meant as a joke for a few lols.
Crystal jan. 21. @ du. 1:16 
Lol exactly as i said i think that flamer is much better then in real life lol.
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