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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Ro2 the aimboter has arrived
So finally it's starting to infest RO2, the noob aimboter plague.
I started playing this game several month ago , because it's very good and the community is small but nice and the game was, until now, 99,9% cheater free, unlike other more public online shooters.
But this seems to change lately.
I see more and more "Superman-soldiers" appearing on the battlefield, who get 3-4 time higher kill rate than others. well this is still no proof for cheating, i also managed to get those high scores in the game.

How can a lvl 11 with a single bolt rifle get 4x more kills than the best lvl 99MG's or commanders ?
How can he hit with EVERY shoot, never miss ??
And most amazing, HOW can he even kill one single enemy when he doesn't know in which direction the enemy is ??
Easy to verify, just go on and spectate, you will see amazing things, like guys shooting backwards, while running away from the enemy, still hitting with each bullet....
I wont state player names here, else the post will be probably deleted.

I know now comes the "I am good" speech from the concerned people - there may be some good new players, hey, butt come on, who did not suck in this game in the 20 first lvls?
and why an "old" RO2 Player would start a new account ??

Some other "sheeps to the slaughter" are going to write about "impossible we got Punkbuster, we are safe, paradise belongs to us, etc". Just forget about that, its only show !!
As it's stated on some sites who have "forums" about "modifications": Keep your anticheat software up to date or the XXX won't work correclty....

So look around open your eyes, the spectate mode is such a beautiful and useful thing and you will easily find the truth about those "Superplayers"....

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer > Общи дискусии > Подробности за темата
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