[TW]Yoshiro  [开发者] 1月13日下午12:27
Rising Storm Beta Update - Brewed Build with Maggot Hill
We have pushed live an update to the Rising Storm beta application in the Steam Library. This will be a large update (as it change the game into a brewed build instead of a cooked one). This update only contains the map Maggot Hill, which we plan to test heavily this week (at 3 PM eastern or so every day).

We'll be adding more to the beta as we get things online with the brewed build (including the new transports and modified maps for them in the not so distant future).

This is the "Rising Storm Beta" application in your Steam Library. Download it tonight to be ready for tomorrow!
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[TW]Yoshiro  [开发者] 1月13日下午12:38 
You can find out more about the tests here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/RO2/events
[TW]Yoshiro  [开发者] 1月15日上午11:47 
Today's test is about to start
LSSAH.ReichFuhrerHQ. 2月19日上午3:26 
cool lets rock
LSSAH.ReichFuhrerHQ. 2月25日下午5:42 
Cool RO2 beta :
or RO2/Rs Beta>
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