rabidchipmunk96 8. tammi 18.44
when spectating people while dead game is choppy any way to fix?
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MeFirst 9. tammi 5.32 
Hard to say. Can you post your system specs?
rabidchipmunk96 9. tammi 19.16 
i dont remember off hand but it can handle RO2 easily on highest everything its just when im dead and i spectate people its like a choppy lag im not really sure how to descrbe it not a big deal is it just part of the game
MeFirst 10. tammi 2.39 
I think I know the effect you mean. Its not really choppy like having a bad framerate right? Its more like every few seconds everything that moves on your screen looks weird?
rabidchipmunk96 10. tammi 21.29 
yah thats it
MeFirst 11. tammi 5.12 
It might just be a camera problem in the game. I noticed that when I dont follow a player and go into free roam I dont have this issue.
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