Vinakur 2014年1月8日 4時10分
Running Rising Storm / Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer
Downloaded Running Rising Storm / Red Orchestra 2 Multiplier. Play obtained only in Rising Storm Multiplier. How do I play Red Orchestra 2 Multiplier? thank you
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Robin#32 2014年1月8日 4時20分 
just take a look at the name of the map in your server browser TE = Ro2 RSTE= Rising storm
BrandeX 2014年1月8日 6時50分 
They're the same game.
MeFirst 2014年1月9日 5時35分 
Yes both are combined as one game. So a server can simply change from Rising Storm to Heroes Of Stalingrad maps without restarting or dropping players.

In the server brower all maps that have a RS in front of their name are Rising Storm maps. RSTE maps are Rising Storm Territory Maps. Normal Territory maps just have a TE in front of their own name.
Vinakur 2014年1月10日 5時12分 
Все понял. спасибо
Vinakur 2014年1月10日 5時12分 
Understood. thank you
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