Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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New players, what they do to realism and how we should take it. Also tips.
New players/sale noobs.
How should we (the experienced players) take 'em?

First of all, i'm going to speak about my disgust with the new players. These "sale noobs" should not be Squad Leaders or Team Leaders on a REALISM server. I was told by another experienced player that "how can they learn if they don't use it?".
Well, that's a fair point, but they shouldn't be doing that on a Realism server.

Now some tips, both for experienced players and noobies:

First, if you're a noob that doesn't know anything 'cause mommy bought him this game for his birthday new player to the game, PLAY THE TUTORIALS .

I can't stress this enough, i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of seeing Level 0's running around as TEAM LEADERS just because they get a Tommy Gun. Bolt actions are easy to understand. Easy to learn, hard to master. They're quite addictive, level 50 on my Kar98k and level 33 on my Springfield <3 (Yuck, Moist Nuggets) But you can also use the M1 Garand in Rising Storm, if that's what you like. When you master these things and know the basics of another class, you can try other classes. Go to arcade and try to learn something or another, go SL there. Try to learn the basics.

Third: Don't discourage new players
I discouraged new players and felt bad about it, since the constant waves of new players contribute to keeping this game alive. Take them under your wing if you want, teach them the basics. Don't just votekick them, warn them that they should change classes or go to arcade to learn classes. If they insist on staying that class you are free to start a votekick. If you see him doing fine, give him some tips. Tell him to drop some smoke, mark some arty.

Acriaph eredeti hozzászólása:
I think one big suggestion for new players is to go to Main Menu > Steam Workshop, you can load any map you want, either with bots for some basic fighting practice, or my suggestion, with no bots at all. You can explore each map by yourself to get a feel for things without being distracted by an ongoing battle. Walk through the maps, taking mental notes of good spots to sneak around behind cover and stuff. Once you've been able to explore the maps on your own without distractions, you'll do a lot better in matches since you won't be nearly as lost.
Thanks to Acriaph for that one!

Hertuc eredeti hozzászólása:

I think new players arent a problem but they must know all the possibilities of the game for the funniest experience. First of all they should play tutorial and then, for enforcement, see some guides.

T40-1PvtBalderick eredeti hozzászólása:

Maybe finding less populated servers to get your practice in may be worth a try too in order to get experience as well as applying what Hertuc suggests.

Do not forget using in game VOIP or chat to ask questions can be good for learning from more experienced players to.

Another important thing for the experienced players:
Doctor Zhivago eredeti hozzászólása:

I'd like to hope that most vets are aware that there are noobs out there like me that try our hardest to be the best players we can be, for the team, knowing our place and wanting to get better.

That is all, gents. If you have any tips please leave them down below and i might add them to the list.
Thanks, and gg.
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