iAmToNs 2013年12月30日 10時51分
Controller Support?
I know it doesn't state it on the store page, thought I'd ask in case I missed it. Xbox controller supported at all?
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Moskeeto 2013年12月30日 10時51分 
No, not at all.
iAmToNs 2013年12月30日 10時52分 
thanks for the response
Kraft 2013年12月30日 10時52分 
I'd really like to see how good you are with that thing in PC games.
iAmToNs 2013年12月30日 10時55分 
For medical resons its easier for me to use controller over keyboard. Work accident 7 years ago messed my left wrist up. I still use keyboard for most games and deal with the pain, was just curious.
Kraft 2013年12月30日 11時00分 
sorry to hear that pal
iAmToNs 2013年12月30日 11時03分 
thanks man. justy enjoy games more with a controller because of it. might still pick this up. i really want a good wwii shooter
[TW]Yoshiro  [開発者] 2013年12月30日 11時04分 
There is unofficial controller support (not for menu's but for in game). The settings to enable it can be found on the Tripwire wiki.
iAmToNs 2013年12月30日 11時09分 
Developer responding with awesome info, buying regardless now. Thanks Yoshiro
WhitezombieITA92 2014年1月21日 10時26分 
I also lost the use of his left arm years ago and I can only use the controller.
try using Xpadder. not very comfortable but it's something
Harmonica 2014年1月21日 12時31分 
Hi, if you ever have the chance try one of these keyboards(maybe at a local game store or a convention). Razer Orbweaver/Razer Tartarus & Logitech G13. One of my friends has been using the Razer Orbweaver since he broke his wrist/arm. These keyboards have adjustable parts to give your hand and wrist better support. There is also a thumbpad which I think you can use as WASD. See you on the battlefield!
iAmToNs 2014年1月21日 13時14分 
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Been in therapy training for the past month, wrist is getting a lot better. Trying to get used to keyboard again haha. Still like controller when I can. Console gamer at heart
Ace42 2014年1月21日 15時17分 
Using a controller in left hand for D-pad movement and a couple of triggers isn't necessarily a great sin. Forsaking the mouse in the right hand will get you real dead real often; gamepads simply don't have the precision available to compete with mice.
iAmToNs 2014年1月21日 15時20分 
I seem to play just fine. Not like I play in MLG or anything. When I want the "precision" in games such as BF4, I use mouse/keyboard. I don't see the usefulness of pointing out the obvious...
kett422 2014年1月21日 16時38分 
Really?? A controller is not very accurate??
Ace42 2014年1月21日 16時44分 
My point was that Gamepad and Mouse aren't mutually exclusive; and that, more than even in the PC iteration of the Battlefield franchise, the precision a mouse offers is crucial in this game.
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