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iAmToNs 30 déc 2013 à 10h51
Controller Support?
I know it doesn't state it on the store page, thought I'd ask in case I missed it. Xbox controller supported at all?
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Moskeeto 30 déc 2013 à 10h51 
No, not at all.
iAmToNs 30 déc 2013 à 10h52 
thanks for the response
Kraft 30 déc 2013 à 10h52 
I'd really like to see how good you are with that thing in PC games.
iAmToNs 30 déc 2013 à 10h55 
For medical resons its easier for me to use controller over keyboard. Work accident 7 years ago messed my left wrist up. I still use keyboard for most games and deal with the pain, was just curious.
Kraft 30 déc 2013 à 11h00 
sorry to hear that pal
iAmToNs 30 déc 2013 à 11h03 
thanks man. justy enjoy games more with a controller because of it. might still pick this up. i really want a good wwii shooter
[TW]Yoshiro  [développeur] 30 déc 2013 à 11h04 
There is unofficial controller support (not for menu's but for in game). The settings to enable it can be found on the Tripwire wiki.
iAmToNs 30 déc 2013 à 11h09 
Developer responding with awesome info, buying regardless now. Thanks Yoshiro
WhitezombieITA92 21 jan 2014 à 10h26 
I also lost the use of his left arm years ago and I can only use the controller.
try using Xpadder. not very comfortable but it's something
Fuse 21 jan 2014 à 12h31 
Hi, if you ever have the chance try one of these keyboards(maybe at a local game store or a convention). Razer Orbweaver/Razer Tartarus & Logitech G13. One of my friends has been using the Razer Orbweaver since he broke his wrist/arm. These keyboards have adjustable parts to give your hand and wrist better support. There is also a thumbpad which I think you can use as WASD. See you on the battlefield!
iAmToNs 21 jan 2014 à 13h14 
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Been in therapy training for the past month, wrist is getting a lot better. Trying to get used to keyboard again haha. Still like controller when I can. Console gamer at heart
Ace42 21 jan 2014 à 15h17 
Using a controller in left hand for D-pad movement and a couple of triggers isn't necessarily a great sin. Forsaking the mouse in the right hand will get you real dead real often; gamepads simply don't have the precision available to compete with mice.
iAmToNs 21 jan 2014 à 15h20 
I seem to play just fine. Not like I play in MLG or anything. When I want the "precision" in games such as BF4, I use mouse/keyboard. I don't see the usefulness of pointing out the obvious...
kett422 21 jan 2014 à 16h38 
Really?? A controller is not very accurate??
Ace42 21 jan 2014 à 16h44 
My point was that Gamepad and Mouse aren't mutually exclusive; and that, more than even in the PC iteration of the Battlefield franchise, the precision a mouse offers is crucial in this game.
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