Malkavian ✵ 2013年12月14日 10時45分
Question about projecting self shadows in-game
From what I understand you're supposed to set bEnableForegroundSelfShadowing=True in RoGame.ini and make the file read-only. I also believe that most graphical settings are locked out from tweaking to prevent unfair advantages online. Is there any way to force this particular setting on? It looks kind of cool in-game.
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Moskeeto 2013年12月14日 10時46分 
This mutator adds that feature:

But, it's only running on a few uranked servers atm.
Malkavian ✵ 2013年12月14日 10時50分 
Yeah that's where I've seen that feature. Thought about finding out if there's a way to force that setting on every server, ranked or unranked.
Kraft 2013年12月14日 10時50分 
Moskeeto 2013年12月14日 10時52分 
I don't believe there is a way to force it through the .ini file. Dibbler had to code in a way to make sure weapons showed up in the shadow as well.
Malkavian ✵ 2013年12月14日 10時54分 
Figured as much. Dibbler really did a great job with his mod, makes the game more intense. Especially the explosion effects. Thanks for the confirmation.
Big-Al 2013年12月14日 14時28分 
should be standard on all servers.
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