Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Dennis 2013年12月14日上午9:23
A small guide for beginners
Please stop teamkilling (new players). Play the campaign mode to learn. Do not play important roles (sniper, teamleader, squadleader, engineer). play on servers with bots to learn. and do what your sq or tl is saying. listen to them. stop camping when you are attacking. stop rushing when you are defending. thank you. and of course welcome and enjoy the game.
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Mormacil 2013年12月14日上午11:16 
You should have really started with the latter part and perhaps throw in some gameplay tips? Like Axis run with one hand on their weapon and allies with both. Use that to identify friendlies.
Pte Maylam 2013年12月14日上午11:43 
I don't mind, I just wish they'd apologise when it happened.
Mormacil 2013年12月14日上午11:53 
No apology no forgiving is my motto :P
Pte Maylam 2013年12月14日下午12:35 
Depends on how obnoxious they are really. To be honest though, some of the vets are just as bad.
Saffa 2013年12月14日下午4:48 
引用自 Mormacil
No apology no forgiving is my motto :P

So true.
Artyom the Outcast Waffle 2013年12月14日下午6:18 
and a tipe for you good sir is dont run infront of other players fire
Pte Maylam 2013年12月15日上午1:12 
It's very rarely that, trust me. The few times it is, I apologise.
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