TWB*SamColt 2013年12月14日 8時34分
Russian AT rifle class bug, main weapon only
This does not appear to have affected German AT class. Since yesterday I have been unable to choose pistol/AT nades as Allies AT class in RO2 multiplayer. So far I tried deleting RO2 folder in My Documents, turning off AA and also full screen and now a full reinstall. It has not been a problem for 5 months and I don't get why it would suddenly happen. Anyone know of a fix?
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TWB*SamColt 2013年12月14日 8時45分 
Well, thought I'd keep investigating the issue and decided to choose the Nagant revolver instead of the Tokarev and no problem, could select the pistol and AT grenade, weird, so I went back to the Tokarev and put it back to the 1st veterancy grade (I'd levelled it to 25 the other day) and again no problem, bizarre! Will check this on the SL/TLs

Yep, SL/TL and Marksman are fine with the 2nd Veterancy, issue just affects the AT rifle.
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TWB*SamColt 2013年12月14日 9時58分 
Ok, does affect other slots although same fix applies
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