Paulie May 6 @ 11:28am
New game mechanic Idea.
What if instead of just a pallet of ammo, ammo crate locations can also be used to store acquired weapons for use on later respawns or to allow other players to take from it to use in situations that might require the use of that weapon? Give me your thoughts and other ideas.
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Hjv98 May 6 @ 11:33am 
Good idea :)
Hatedolf Tickler May 6 @ 11:45am 
And your class is not taken then?
Pete The Cat May 6 @ 11:48am 
You can already do this with a glitch, can spawn with commander privilidges as a MG class for example.
Paulie May 6 @ 12:57pm 
Originally posted by Hatedolf Tickler:
And your class is not taken then?
sure you could use it in that fashion, if for example you wanted to put away an MG for later for use with a rifle, and you switched classes, you could still go back to that crate (if your team still controls it that is) and retrieve your MG to continue kills
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