tunageXD May 4 @ 11:55pm
black smoke on arad2 tank map
I have a 7950 gfx card with latest drivers and I get weird black smoke textures being tanks I have screenshots of it as well. graphics are all maxed out by the way with smooth framerate any ideas?
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Moskeeto May 4 @ 11:56pm 
This seems to affect all Radeon users.
Moskeeto May 4 @ 11:58pm 
Yes, I know. I have this issue as well.
tunageXD May 4 @ 11:58pm 
any known fix? I dont remember having this problem till i updated my drivers recently
Moskeeto May 4 @ 11:59pm 
Nope, no fix. It's a bug with the map.
tunageXD May 4 @ 11:59pm 
gotcha thanks man
[Volk]SpixTalon May 5 @ 11:59pm 
cool thought it was only me :)
Honda Tadakatsu May 6 @ 12:17am 
Once I maxed out every setting the problem went away for me.
Scytale May 6 @ 12:33am 
see it positive, you can spot enemy tanks more easy with the black smoke behind them :D
tunageXD May 6 @ 1:12am 
every setting is maxed out
Traffic Conez May 6 @ 3:20am 
Yeah I got that issue, weird but not game breaking fortunately

Malus131 May 7 @ 7:20am 
Thank God. I too thought I was hte only one, was really ♥♥♥♥ing me off :/
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