Luminz 2014年4月19日 17時36分
RO2 or rising storm
Im getting back into these games but want to know which has a bigger community and which is better? RO2 or Rising Storm?
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Cpl. Veld [29ID] 2014年4月19日 17時49分 
RO2 pretty much also is Rising Storm, seeing the expansion RS is integrated into RO2, most servers you can play a RS map, and than start a RO2 map! RS has less of a community seeing it came out in 2013 so community made stuff is a bit les present, but the community supports both equally.
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MurcDusen 2014年4月19日 17時57分 
It's the same game more or less, think of RS as a Pacific Theater DLC bundled with the base game RO2 (well, without it's singleplayer campaign, but that's not really worth crying for).
Typhoon 2014年4月19日 22時33分 
Get Rising Storm, because when you buy it you get the RO2 Multiplayer free!
=Gen$ec=Zozio 2014年4月20日 1時29分 
This is the same game with common servers between RO2 and RS.
[AMG] PsychoPigeon 2014年4月20日 4時22分 
it's just one community
T5 Tuomainen [29ID] 2014年4月20日 6時29分 
*PsychoPigeon* の投稿を引用:
it's just one community
This is the truth.

Welcome back ;) Also don't forget to check the list of custom maps for RO2/RS!
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