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new problem again -_-. When im playing my sound dissapeiring (BAD ENGLISH) need help
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SU-37 YELLOW Apr 3 @ 12:13pm 
Are you useing a headset, what are your specs, are you running any programs running? Can you be more specific about your problem? We need more info
Sol.TheBean|6th|4thGarde| Apr 4 @ 7:08am 
yeah im having a headset but when im joining servers i just hear a sound from when it is joining then i don't have any sound it comes and goes.
Keijo Apr 4 @ 7:18am 
You hear the music in the menu? And the clicking sound when you change options? Try changing the channels between 32 and 128? Do your sounds work in other games? If you have some speakers/headphones try them too to figure out ifits your headset.
Sol.TheBean|6th|4thGarde| Apr 4 @ 8:19am 
yes,yes,ok,yes and ok :D
Keijo Apr 4 @ 8:43am 
I mean if you can rejoin the server and it works, then it's jsut some random ro2 thing. But if you lose all sounds from your computer and need to reboot, then your sound driver has crashed and you need to get a new one. If it happens only on a certain map then it the maps fault. It could be some mutator/mod/custom map issue.
Sol.TheBean|6th|4thGarde| Apr 4 @ 9:23am 
yeah okay thanks
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