Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Atom ★ 2014年3月28日上午8:45
Can't play!
I thought the problem would resolve by itself but the game starts normally and then still black screen when it arrives at the main menu... Could i do something?? ( I already tried all the things said in the FAQ )
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Moskeeto 2014年3月28日上午8:50 
Did you try updating your video card drivers?
Atom ★ 2014年3月28日上午8:51 
Yeah i did it =/
II./JG77_Con 2014年3月28日上午10:59 
what card do you have , if its a 600 series , there is a know issue .
Atom ★ 2014年3月28日下午12:18 
No it isn't my card is an ATI Radeon HD 4250
Keijo 2014年3月28日下午12:31 
That card is insanely weak tho, but it doesnt really explain a black screen necessarily.
Moskeeto 2014年3月28日下午12:33 
Yeah, that card is extremely outdated and it was even low end when it came out. It doesn't explain why you're getting a black screen at the main menu though.
Atom ★ 2014年3月28日下午12:39 
Yeah you two are absolutely right x) my card is outdated for recent games but i can play many recent games with the minimum config nevertheless. It effectively doesn't explain the black screen at all, even if my config isn't optimal. Don't understand and i really would play the game ( and i paid for it x) )
正在显示第 1 - 7 条,共 7 条留言
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