OlBranDo 2014年3月28日上午1:15
Punk buster
hey everyone, just wondering if anyone else is getting instantly kicked from all servers by punkbuster. i reinstalled the game and it still hasnt done anything. please help, would really appriciate it.
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OlBranDo 2014年3月28日上午6:51 
thanks alot :)
OlBranDo 2014年3月28日下午7:03 
it didnt really work though, i have to reinstall punkbuster like every time i play...
Moskeeto 2014年3月28日下午7:05 
Try completely uninstalling it first, restart your computer and then reinstall.
OlBranDo 2014年3月29日下午10:17 
reinstall the game?
Moskeeto 2014年3月29日下午10:18 
No, punkbuster.
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