300 kills in gorilla warfare 3月25日 16時02分
games similar to ro2?
as above
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The White Knight 3月25日 16時12分 
I suppose Insurgency counts, which has the realism of this game but with a Modern Warfare (Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia) setting. Hopefully I'll finally be able to get it...
ownomics 3月25日 17時59分 
Moskeeto 3月25日 18時17分 
Another vote for Insurgency here.
R5CYA 3月25日 19時06分 
Pistolero 3月25日 19時52分 
Thin, very thin. Need new titles.
The White Knight 3月25日 19時53分 
Insurgency is a fairly new title. But, yeah I really wish they'd make more games like these.
SU-37 YELLOW 3月25日 19時54分 
Rising Storm.
Moskeeto 3月25日 20時05分 
6.AS Hetzer の投稿を引用:
Rising Storm.

Yeah, Insurgency is a new title and it's also getting a big update with new content tomorrow. I highly recommend it.
LO WANG 3月25日 21時42分 
Modern Warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq........meh I'll pass.
Ausfy 3月25日 21時50分 
Try Red Orchestra one... it's more challenging compare to RO2 but u will enjoy it due to varieties of weaposn & vehicles you can choose
AlCapwn 3月26日 1時41分 
CoD:Ghosts anyone?
Pingu 3月26日 2時17分 
Non. RO2/RS is a 1%ter. The best WW2 shooter out there and shooter generally.

Kraft 3月26日 2時48分 
Maddoc 3月26日 8時46分 
Tig Ol Bitties 3月26日 9時15分 
Yup. Verdun.
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