macaulay.flower 3月12日 21時57分
Do People Still Play This?
I am considering buying this game if there is still an active community for it. Is there?
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Bomasa 3月12日 22時02分 
1,500+ active players and maybe more the last I saw in the Community Hub for Red Orechestra 2/Rising Storm.
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Flammable Hobos 3月12日 22時16分 
I can always find one or two full games for each game with several others at the half full mark, but then again I filter full servers out and only search for realism/territory so I'm probably not seeing everything.
Peanuts 3月13日 2時45分 
If you're in Aus/NZ, there's always a server or two full or half full at peak times.
SU-37 YELLOW 3月13日 7時38分 
I have no trouble finding a couple of full servers whenever I go on. SO yes, the community is far from dead :)

P.S., make sure you buy Rising Storm, yu get all of Red Orchestra 2's multiplayer content with it.
Jordax142 3月13日 9時28分 
If you play at peak times, you are guranteed to find enough almost filled 64-man servers.
It is far from being dead, and even outside peak times there are at least four servers filled with human players.
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