Frühstück 2014年3月12日 18時43分
You can spawn off machine gunner?
Is this something I've been unaware of or did they just add this in a patch??
最近の変更はFrühstückが行いました; 2014年3月12日 18時44分
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Moskeeto 2014年3月12日 18時56分 
Been around since launch. Not all servers have it enabled though.
Frühstück 2014年3月12日 19時50分 
ohhh okay. That's kind of cool. Thanks.
Jolly Jew 2014年3月13日 8時57分 
i think it only works if the SL is alive in the same squad, because even in servers that do allow such feature i never recieved points for spawning.

i guess its just to add a bit more freedom where you spawn, so if the sl is under heavy fire you'd perefer to spawn near the mg'er who is in a safer place
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