Chap Chappington 1 mar 2014 à 8h50
Improved damage system?
Personally i dislike the damage system, i know it dosent matter what i think but it makes no sense that if someone gets shot they can just bandage themself up in 4 seconds flat or if someone gets shot in the leg then somehow they can carry on running, since this game is on the realistic side of the FPS genre wouldent it be better to have it so teamates can help you if you get shot by healing you with bandages they have? Or a medic/corpseman could go around and heal people. I know many people dislike the medic ideas as they say realistically the person would just be sent to a hospital for 6 months, but i think it would be alot more realistic to see people carrying wounded people around trying to find the medic (of course youtubers who make compliations would probably abuse this). If the victim gets shot then they have about 10 seconds to live before they bleed out or if they get bandaged then about 45 seconds or so, of course there should be a suicide button in case someone just likes bandaging the wounded and leaving them to die. But if you get shot in the arm or leg then you can bandage yourself. Probably the main reason this would make the game better is because when you're working with a partner and he gets shot and starts bleeding to death and the character starts screaming help me you start to feel annoyed as the game dosent give you the chance to save your teamate. I know i havent explained it very well but i at least hope a modder gets to see this so they can start a prototype if they are intreged.
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SA-ObSF.TheBean|6th|-SA-| 1 mar 2014 à 9h23 
sounds nice
Crystal 1 mar 2014 à 12h29 
My opinion this game shouldnt has bandages at all.
Keijo 1 mar 2014 à 14h07 
I think the problem is that ro2 came with very easy shooting mechanics, I mean you can just camp one street an get 70 kill without 0 skill so tripwire kinda pressed the panic button and decided to add some survivability to the game with bandages and spawn on sl.
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