Frühstück Feb 26 @ 2:07pm
Artillery Glitch
I'm just addressing an issue I noticed that happened to me in game regarding the game's artillery mechanics. Here's the situation, I was playing Commissar's House as German sqaud leader 1. I set an artillery mark just outside cap point A "Building 81" in grid H 5 near the wall of the house that all the Russian like to bunch up in order to cap. The mark was properly placed and I died soon after. The game server then switched me to the Russian side as a result of an auto balance. Soon after that the German Commander called in artillery using my previous mark from when I was on the German side. As a result I was playing the Russian side and was now taking -1 points from kill assists from the German Artillery mark I placed. Is this a known issue and is there anything that be done to fix this issue?

Thank you
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[F|H]Rivimies Feb 26 @ 2:40pm 
Please post this into Tripwire forums, under Bug Report section. Your well written text is wasted here on Steam forum.
Tig Ol Bitties Feb 26 @ 4:10pm 
Go ahead and categorize this as Red Orchestra 2: GLITCH #1,874,256. Thank you.
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