Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

NETSCAPE 2014年2月19日下午7:15
What's your longest kill distance?
So far mine is 320m with MG34, shooting semi-auto style, sites set to 400m. Just curious what you vets and hero's have done with what weapon. ps - I never snipe, I really suck at the role! I find 100-200 meter kills pretty common as MG class or Rifleman, but over 200 meter kills gets rare for me.
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TIG (已封禁) 2014年2月19日下午7:18 
I shot the♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off an ant from the other side of the country.
NETSCAPE 2014年2月19日下午7:19 
|Kila| sErVeR 2014年2月19日下午8:23 
236m with the PPS.
Acriaph 2014年2月19日下午9:01 
I assume you mean with normal guns and not tank-on-tank. In that case, 343m with a Type 38 on Wake Island. I actually got a number of over-300m kills that match, but that one was the longest. Took a screenshot of that. If you're counting tank-on-tank, I think about 1,100m was my longest.

My favorite long range shot though was a 242m headshot of a moving tank commander on Fallen Fighters who thought he was far enough back to safely stick his head out the top while he drove. Caught that one on video.
Hazegawa 2014年2月19日下午11:02 
Hey, sweet question, mine is with the springfield sniper rifle. 323 meters. :) Heartshot. :)
Gattobuono 2014年2月20日上午11:42 
Do people actually check this stuff out? haven't got a clue, and don't really care!
Radmir Rope 2014年2月20日上午11:45 
I suppose this thread is pointless without screenshots.Bots arent legit.P.S with snipe its easy to get kills on 300m and above on such maps like barashka so i didnt bother myself with making a screenshots for sniper rifle.
My personal fav however is 222 meter with PPSH on spartanovka heartshot.
最后由 Radmir Rope 编辑于; 2014年2月20日上午11:48
NETSCAPE 2014年2月20日下午12:18 
I suck with the PPSH, just not my style. Whenever I hear one really close I curl up in the fetal position, cry and dream of my chocolate, bier and sausage back home.
Radmir Rope 2014年2月20日下午12:22 
I prefer bolt rifles so its easy for me to deal with PPSH=) However i am not so good with mg i played with it and even opened doppeltrommel(i call it balls;3) but its not my cup of tea.
I play mostly rifleman or anti-tank in HoS.
最后由 Radmir Rope 编辑于; 2014年2月20日下午12:23
Pistolero 2014年2月20日下午7:12 
576 meters, according to the game's report; clueless how it occurred. Been knocked off from 650 to 750 meters, how again I don't know; seems to me there's not that much straight-line depth on most of the maps. Using standard field sight, head shots at 200 to 250 meters are always a thrill; scope out maybe another 75 meters, rarely more. The background is just too damn murky. In real life I hit routinely at 450 meters with an M14; M16 I do not trust beyond 200 meters, but is reliable up to that distance. True mastery is the M79GL beyond 150 meters; hard to do, but like the 2 in. mortar is the one that does the damage.
NETSCAPE 2014年2月20日下午7:18 
240 meters with mp40, nice.

576 meters haha, maybe it was just a stray bullet/luck.

On that wake island map you can score INSANE shots from the towers...no one plays it though. I played bots, doesn't count...though they do run like ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ constantly.

It's pretty gnar to think about what WWII sharpshooters did at 500-1000 meters...
Acriaph 2014年2月20日下午8:35 
引用自 Pistolero
576 meters, according to the game's report; clueless how it occurred. Been knocked off from 650 to 750 meters, how again I don't know

Was the kill message close to having respawned? I know one thing that can happen is if you mortally wound someone, but then you die and respawn before they bleed out, the kill distance will be how far you are from them when they bleed out, it's not actually listing the distance you shot them from.
skydancer 2014年2月21日上午9:52 
Melee kill from 120m.
Gattobuono 2014年2月21日下午12:18 
引用自 skydancer
Melee kill from 120m.
I'm better than you ... flamethrower kill from 3 meters!

I thought I'd left all this stats bragging behind when I stopped playing BF3.
最后由 Gattobuono 编辑于; 2014年2月21日下午12:19
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