Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

what makes this game so addicting?
i find this game very hard to put down, i just thought it would be nice to have a thread discussing what we most enjoy about this game.

for me, i belive it's mostly the very high risk and reward in this game. it's so easy to die, one or two bullets that can land on you fro 200 meters away.
but when you manage to surivive and thrive in these hostile conditions, its awesome.
every move you make can determine life or daeth, every single shot counts so the adrenaline is always rushing.
the game's presentation amplifies all this, with gunfire is heard everywhere and the screams of your comrades and enemies make things a lot more tense.
it's all a challage that feels really good to overcome

and i gotta say, the death animation is the best i have ever seen.
in any other fps characters either fall down like limp pieces of meat or have a pre-rendered death animation. but here, they drop like real human beings and you can feel their weight.
the fact that you can't immdiatly tell if you managed to kill someone or not really puts you on your toes, being only able only to see blood splashes and the fall of a character to know if someone is dead makes kills all the more satisfying.
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TIG (Bandito) 17 feb 2014, ore 14:55 
I find it incredibly easy to put down, actually. Clumsy controls, glitchy tanks, lack of coordinated teams etc.
Yet you're in the forum most days..
TIG (Bandito) 17 feb 2014, ore 15:35 
Messaggio originale di Pte Maylam:
Yet you're in the forum most days..

Ya gotta sh it somewhere.
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Messaggio originale di Pte Maylam:
Yet you're in the forum most days..

Ya gotta sh it somewhere.

Nothing like helpful comments from Big ol ♥♥♥♥♥. Many would probably appreciate if you went back to sh iting in your diaper. Which guessing your age from the sound of your posts probably wasn't long ago.
TIG (Bandito) 17 feb 2014, ore 16:52 
I hurt Jack's feelings by dumping on his clumsy shooter. Is it part of your identity? Do you introduce yourself as an RO2 player in social situations? If so, I'm deeply, deeply sorry for my criticism of this extremely flawed game.
Hey Big. No you didn't hurt my feelings at all, though I'm not sure how the Jew felt. And RO2 for me is a minor diversion and I'm tired of the maps. I only play when I find a good server with Bridges going on. When I get bored (which is now) I do like to see what the RO2 community is up to. Hoping to see that more maps and servers allowing 128 players are being announced. But no such luck. Only see childish remarks that sometimes I can't help responding too. I do appreciate your concern with my psyche, and assume it was heartfelt:)
For me it is the kills.

And that could be with the mg or bolt action and everything inbetween. Even the AT gun is awesome and to see arms/legs/head coming off after an AT round is the horniest thing ever. I mean it is just so funny. The teamwork is pretty good most of the time. The community seems cool too.

What isn't there to love?
Tony, seek help... Does your girl friend/wife know that the horniest thing is an AT round? She may be insulted.
Between Tony and Big ol Ti ties, I am seriously questioning my sanity in even being on these forums:(
We may just have a generational difference here. I'm 55. Tony, how old are you? And Big Ti ts, how old are you? No lying, we are all comrades here:)
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I guess that Tony is 33 (and is being sarcastic) and Ti ts is 22 (and is acting his age). Please let me know if I'm right or how wrong I am.
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The Jolly Jew is uncomfortably self deprecating. Or so comfortable with his jewish identity that he (she?) wants to push that fact. baruch atah adonai eloheinu melech ha'olam borei pri hagafen. I'm Jewish and love wine:)
Mastering the bolt action is my mission in life.
leveling system and satisfaction from kills.
Feeling something like that
And yeah i like to play with mortar.
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far out there are some real tools on these forums.....
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