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HellzWind 8 feb 2014 om 7:34vm
modern military shooter setting/theme
RS is awesome. It's very realistic and brilliant IMHO with the control scheme (the pace, cover system).

I just can't put in words how great it'd be if Rising Storm as it is had a upgrade (or was indeed *made from scratch?) in the theme of the modern military of this day and age. If it could be made either through mod or devoted development I think this would had some moderate if not greater success for there might be a moderate amount of interested buyers... I assume.

Just like it was with COD, when it got the modern military theme it's success was and still is to some extent unrivaled.

This idea of an upgrade has nothing to do with COD though, except the admiration towards this game's engine and realism and intensity of RS. Which as mentioned is very realistic and fun, when you L2@P.

In a modern military setting with world's different terrain, from mountains dense jungle and urban city environments, with the m4's m16's gk36's ACOG'S etc... it would be unrivaled fun IMO.

Rising Storm is unique in the tactical FPS gere, but it's setting is "antient" (with all due respect, to whom respect is due to).

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Kraft 8 feb 2014 om 7:35vm 
Origineel geplaatst door HellzWind:
It's very realistic
HellzWind 8 feb 2014 om 7:38vm 
yes, in the game mechanics (one shot to gut=frag)

*glad you took the time and read thatBTW:D
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The Blue Falcon 8 feb 2014 om 7:44vm 
Check out Insurgency. It was just released and it is pretty much what you are asking for.
Kraft 8 feb 2014 om 7:44vm 
Origineel geplaatst door HellzWind:
yes, in the game mechanics (one shot to gut=frag)
that's your definition of realistic?

and yes Insurgency is good.
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!HoNose 8 feb 2014 om 7:51vm 
Origineel geplaatst door Kraft:
that's your definition of realistic?

It's relative. It's more realistic than Battlefield, but less than Arma or whatever. Despite being one of the more hardcore sims out there, even Arma can be said to be completely unrealistic just because of the limitations of simulating real-world combat on a computer. Whether a game qualifies as "realistic" is completely up to the beholder. Anyway...

On-topic: I guess, sure it could work. I'd rather see it be set in a war that's somewhere in-between, though. I would recommend you check out Insurgency though. It's not quite the same as Red Orchestra but the gunplay should feel familiar.
HellzWind 8 feb 2014 om 9:28vm 
Got Insurgency so I'm def. checking that one out. Still I find the Unreal Engine somewhat better then the Source one. +Insurgency when the player takes a bullet he just sponges onward while in a second recovering full sprint & almost as much of the health as if no bullet had hit him. I call that unrealistic for instance. Also getting stuck on some random terrain fluctuation I call game/immersion breaking... It's more realistic to "spray and pray" and get actual kills, mortal/heavy wounds where you immobilize your target then that is often portrayed getting away with kills in 'modern' shooters. There is also an element of unrealistic unlogical irrational thinking there.

It's rather nice to have a game where shooting opponents feels like spewing bolts throughout wet paper (á la TC R6) because human body is about as much sensitive as a sheet of wet paper, armor or none... Relatively speaking... In "gaming" terms...


Kraft, my definition of realism is something I couldn't talk about because I have no idea about that... That in regarding to the military and that sort of authenticity. I can tell you though what I find unrealistic, and it's something I'd have to think over if I was to give you the full rep regarding Insurgency, Rising Storm and other shooters/games... There is always something positive to criticize about games as far asa I've noticed.


HoNose, relativity all the way :D :P ... BTW the setting and contents wouldn't have to be like futuristic and all... that could be a DLC :P Something like late 80's mid 90's technothriller like something Tom Clancy'd write... or would have written.
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