Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

cxN 2014年2月7日下午3:11
I need 1 more honor to get level 4 on commander, and my xp is 21462/4134, Any suggestions? :/
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Moskeeto 2014年2月7日下午3:12 
Try playing other classes that don't have XP that high so you can level that class up along with your honor at the same time.
cxN 2014年2月7日下午3:17 
Ok thanks i will try it.
47 2014年2月7日下午5:35 
Hop into machine gunner, find a good spot, camp, ??? , PROFIT!
FriskyJohnson 2014年2月7日下午11:05 
SLs are an honor xp goldmine.. as long as you are competent or lucky enough to be SL1 haha.
cxN 2014年2月8日上午12:29 
The thing is i am alot of the time, it's like it has glitched and i can't get that 1 honor level and it is quite annoying
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