cxN 2014年2月7日 15時11分
I need 1 more honor to get level 4 on commander, and my xp is 21462/4134, Any suggestions? :/
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Moskeeto 2014年2月7日 15時12分 
Try playing other classes that don't have XP that high so you can level that class up along with your honor at the same time.
cxN 2014年2月7日 15時17分 
Ok thanks i will try it.
47 2014年2月7日 17時35分 
Hop into machine gunner, find a good spot, camp, ??? , PROFIT!
FriskyJohnson 2014年2月7日 23時05分 
SLs are an honor xp goldmine.. as long as you are competent or lucky enough to be SL1 haha.
cxN 2014年2月8日 0時29分 
The thing is i am alot of the time, it's like it has glitched and i can't get that 1 honor level and it is quite annoying
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