Seangis Khan 2014年2月6日下午4:46
Extra Japanese Class Ideas
Well I love the game but not many people can deny the Americans have the advantage, not to say that the ♥♥♥♥ cant win but they tend to need better players to do so, i think ro2 is better at this and is much more evenly matched. I know this is due to the lack of automatic and semiautomatic weapons but there is still some options.

- The Type 11 machine gun, has somewhat the same style gun as the 96 and 99 but doesnt have the big mag ontop of the gun destroying ones peripheral vision, it woul be cool if they made this another mg slot or a whole new role itself. You can look it up if you like but the gun was indeed used throughout the whole war, though not in as large numbers, but still just as relevant as the mkb was so to say.

- The Type 100 flamethrower is another choice, though it was just about abandonded during when the ♥♥♥♥ went on the defensive, it still i think could be used in some venues.

- Another idea i had was to just really make a slot in which the soldier has a different charachteristic, perhaps something like being decked out in camo and leaves and such and being able to spawn behind enemy lines, would be cool if one could be able to go up into a tree with this class, but idk how theyd be able to pull it off, this would make for some interesting battles, in that the Americans would have to be very vigilante instead of just looking forward being the only thing necessary.

Really thats about it, I think that adding another automatic and the flametrower would really help out this game as far as weapon balance goes and help out the ♥♥♥♥ alot

Idk what u guys think, any role ideas you have , perhaps with a weapon, though i think i got most of them, or with the characteristic idea.

Btw im aware i posted something like this months back but back then i dont think anybody noticed it and if people want changes to the game and like my ideas or have some of your own we gotta spread these ideas around.
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Secular Jihadist 2014年2月6日下午5:35 
What really needs to be done is nerf the number of SMG's, give them a flamethrower or 2, and take away the pistols for the rifles and give them 2x more grenades.
Seangis Khan 2014年2月6日下午5:44 
The thing is i like the variety, though i do agree that they should limit the amount of classes have pistols
R5CYA 2014年2月6日下午9:02 
you want something like this to happen? then post it on the TWI website where they are sure to see it and it will carry more weight. use the ideas and suggestions forum.
Crystal 2014年2月7日上午1:38 
Give me type 5 and take my money.
Seangis Khan 2014年2月7日下午2:15 
hmm type5 i gotta look into that...
yeah after looking at it i found out that less then 100 were made and it didnt see action in the war to little or an extremely miniscule amount, defenitly wouldnt be added to the game
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Moskeeto 2014年2月7日下午2:23 
Type 4/5 was never used in combat, so there's no chance of seeing that in game.
Crystal 2014年2月8日上午12:44 
It was actually a joking comment lol.However flamethrower is necessary because for now RS campaign is unbalanced POS especially when japanese trying to attack Saipan.
最后由 Crystal 编辑于; 2014年2月8日上午1:01
droggen 2014年2月8日上午4:36 
I think Japan in more ways has more advantages then Americans sure they have auto weapons and the flame thrower but the Japanese have knee morters and lots of other nasty tricks. Examples being Banzai,Suicide grenades,Traps can't stress enough how good a banzai can be if done with a squad leader or team leader using a katana it comes down to the team.

Time and time again the reason most Japanese teams lose is mainly do to the fact they only try to win fire power to fire power which most of the time means they will lose to American fire power.
最后由 droggen 编辑于; 2014年2月8日上午7:13
Crystal 2014年2月8日上午8:27 
Dude its ok in TE mode but Campaign is horrible.
Seangis Khan 2014年2月8日上午9:22 
well droggen just stated what i said, it seems that the only way u could win as the japanese is to commit suicide in the gaem basically, and besides im not suggesting they get rid of american weapons or give the japanese some made up ones but ones they actually used
Arclight 2014年2月8日下午2:04 
There's a certain amount of morale associated with winning as the "disadvantaged" side through the sheer will, hope, and teamwork. Many play Axis specifically for that factor which the Allies tend to lack.
Seangis Khan 2014年2月8日下午2:30 
yeah i get that too but i also look at it as like sure u can win feeling awesome but alot of the times they lose miserably, also i look at it as just a chance to get some new weapons into the game and diversifying the japanese classes
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