Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

TJM 2014年1月24日上午6:06
Does anyone still play this game?
I am thinking about buying this game but does anyone still play this, I don't want to buy a game that no one plays? Also should i get rising storm or just normal Red Orchstra.
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Juzifer 2014年1月24日上午6:27 
it's well alive - heres one of those "does anyone still play this" threads if you want to see for yourself :p
and def. buy rising storm - it gets you both Heroes of stalingrad and Rising storm
Gromov 2014年1月24日上午8:38 
Rising Storm.

And lots of active players.
Pale Buto 2014年1月24日上午8:47 
Get Rising storm, much better
Pte Maylam 2014年1月24日下午12:13 
Get them both. But then play RO2.

And yes, plenty of people still playing.
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Martial.Lore 2014年1月24日下午12:32 
I think the game is pretty active. I'm still a casual player so I find it quite chaotic on the battlefield and still don't know my way around any of the maps, but I have racked up some nice kills that encourage me to play more.

I have always found great servers to join (realism mode) even though the game seems to never keep them in my favorite tab for some reason. It's a more interesting gaming experience than other multiplayers I've played. I recommend it.

It's a sweet experience to find that great sniping spot unseen by the enemy and having the chance to take out three or four enemies in a row (with a bolt action rifle, no less), especially after you've been brutalized by a machine gunner for half a dozen spawns while trying to figure out where the incoming fire is coming from.
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Abel 2014年1月24日下午2:21 
Get Rising Storm. If you buy RS, you get RO2 multiplayer FREE. DO NOT BUY RO2 OVER RISING STORM IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY BOTH. Buying Red Orchestra 2 only gives you a "trial" Version of Rising Storm and you can only play rifleman, you get "Single Player" but it's basically a practice mode to know what you're doing. Buying RISING STORM, gives you BOTH multiplayers allowing you to pick which front you want to play in, for about the same pice.
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Mog 2014年1月24日下午4:06 
All game modes are dead except realism
Abel 2014年1月24日下午5:23 
引用自 Atlas
All game modes are dead except realism
Basically. but classic sucks, and action was never popular to begin with.
HellsWind 2014年1月24日下午8:41 
you can easily check out how many players are in game at any time in any steam game just by going to the "all" tab , before the "discussions" tab up on the left.... It displays the amount of players in game at that particular time.
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