[EMD] S.Soyalic 2014年1月23日下午2:06
Which group plays better? (EMD)? (SKV)? (THY)? or any other?
Let us know best group in Red Orchestra 2
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DerRidda 2014年1月23日下午2:14 
Here is the answer[forums.androidcentral.com]
MeFirst 2014年1月23日下午3:09 
I would consider myself a veteran when it comes to RO2. However I have never heard of any of these groups at all.
[F|H]Rivimies 2014年1月23日下午11:42 
This is easy, new Ladder season is about to start. That will tell.

Last season best teams were RAGE and GFA.

[EMD] S.Soyalic 2014年1月25日上午4:56 
Yeap... You wrote well...
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