[EMD] S.Soyalic 2014年1月23日 14時06分
Which group plays better? (EMD)? (SKV)? (THY)? or any other?
Let us know best group in Red Orchestra 2
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DerRidda 2014年1月23日 14時14分 
Here is the answer[forums.androidcentral.com]
MeFirst 2014年1月23日 15時09分 
I would consider myself a veteran when it comes to RO2. However I have never heard of any of these groups at all.
MeWU.Rivimies 2014年1月23日 23時42分 
This is easy, new Ladder season is about to start. That will tell.

Last season best teams were RAGE and GFA.

[EMD] S.Soyalic 2014年1月25日 4時56分 
Yeap... You wrote well...
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