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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Just me or does Rising sun kinda suck. :/ Map design and gameplay
- I understand some of you may disagree, but just for the sake of it, allow me to explain.

The thing is, red orchestra 2 Maps, such as Pavlovs house are designed in such a way that there is open field, where you have to come up with some form of tactic to use the best route to get to a cap point such as cap point C.

But, in Rising storm maps, .. the maps look designed in such a way where too many obstacles present little or no safe spot to defend from, where bunkers are placed in such a way where you cant effectively defend, where trenches present themselves ase death traps, and too many buildings present themselves as too many spots from which any attacking team can rush, shoot and capture too quickly. defending in rising storm is a nightmare.

What i mean is, the placement of obstacles and bunkers work more as a disadvantage then giving the defender an advantage. Examples are bunkers that seem to have a bush 10 meters infront of the only viewport, effectively allowing anyone to just flank from anywhere.

In Pavlovs house, just shooting from the countless vantage points on high ground work as an advantage as opposed to Rising storm maps where it seems theres no vantage points.

In the map Hanto for example, i noticed that the ground textures use alot of dark and black color, effectively making it so hard to spot or see anything.
The Allied uniform looks dark green, and effectively blends in with the ground far away, coupled with the fog, makes the game sligtly boring.

I cant see my rifle because of how the rifle blends in with the dark/black color of the ground and rock making it look washed out.

Also i noticed theres a fair bit of Design with alot of "balance" in mind, but, from what i've expirienced is the maps are fairly boring, with no vantage points.

Tale Guadalcanal for example... Why would map designers want to put 2 bunkers looking directly at a bunch of bushes that are 10 meters away. It makes defence effectively pointless as people just have to rush up sideways and jump in the trenches.

Also here, the dark colors of textures make the game look washed out and the lack of vantage points - makes general gameplay feel "fair" for the other team, ( i shoot you you shoot me ), as opposed to Red orchestra 2 maps where a Room, has one entrance and windows in which you can feel safe to get atleast 10 kills.

Also in the map Kwajelein, you will find Bunkers in G4 and G5 that have raised elevation, allowing for the attacking troops to take cover on the lower part of the bunker where the gun cant shoot them.
This makes no sense as defending is techinacally impossible.

Furthermore, defending in trenches in F5 is also a nightmare as the attacking troops have more cover in the houses and windows from where they can take potshots at whoever pops their head up.

Its like the maps are designed to intentionally make the defening team lose..
Dont get me wrong, US won the pacific war, and the Japanese obviously lost,
However, this is still a game, and its so obvious that the Obstacle emplacement on maps act as Disadvantage to defending team , this makes the game boring.

As an example, look at the placement of the tower at G5, ... where firstly theres no cover for whoever goes up the ladder, and secondly, theres no small viewport from which you can shoot, and you must pop your head up to look and shoot. At that point you would get shot either way as bullets can just go through the thin wood.

The map design in my opinion is terrible, and made for casual gaming.
Share your thoughts :)

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The Pale Emperor Jun 24, 2014 @ 5:35am 
Nope, from i played. i only like playing the RS maps. i HATE the EU maps
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