FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 8:47pm
Just bought this. Downloading Now!
Will this play on this laptop on low settings?

Windows 8 (64 bit)
Intel Core i3
Integrated HD Graphics (core i3)
Ram: 4GB

Also, are there servers with many people in them instead of bots, do people still play this game quite a lot, considering RO1 is all Russian Servers or bots?

EDIT: I have played now and have seen many people still play this.
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Tig Ol Bitties Jun 23 @ 8:49pm 
If it does, please remember this...

1. Aim first
2. Shoot second


1. Don't
2. Throw
3. That
4. Grenade

FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 8:50pm 
Im not new, I played the beta and I have also played about 100 hours in RO1 and DH combined.
Moskeeto Jun 23 @ 8:51pm 
The game doesn't officially support integrated graphics. Though many people have had luck running on low.
FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 8:52pm 
Yeah, I figured, most games dont. But my gaming computer went down and I am borrowing this laptop until I get another, so I hope I can play this so I dont have to suffer and wait. lol
mjswooosh Jun 23 @ 9:22pm 
Sadly, Intel integrated graphics suck ♥♥♥. If that had an AMD HD chipset in it you'd probably be a lot better off. But you might get away with low settings.
FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 9:32pm 
Let's Hope, its almost done downloading!
Kazmudon! Jun 23 @ 10:08pm 
So, its working fine for you on low settings FieldNinja? I'm kinda curious I do have the same configuration, also thinking to buy the game and play with someone.
FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 10:13pm 
Just launched the game and.....
MaC122 Jun 23 @ 10:14pm 
dont start as a squad leader or team leader. Yes, they have nice guns. This game benifits those who learn. You are going to suck at first....and thats ok. Learn what a cap zone is and stay in it. work for the team, not for your score
FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 10:14pm 
EVERYTHING IS DOWN AND INCLUDING RESOLUTION!!!! It skips and stutters a LOT. so disappointed. It is BARELY playable, but it is. 15 fps or less maybe more depending on environment.
FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 10:16pm 
I am going to try this, lol!!!!
FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 10:44pm 
Ok, this worked, but the only con is the so super low res. All it does is replace the original config with the one he adjusted. works fine now, but gosh so horrible res, that I cant even distinguish words hardly!
Tig Ol Bitties Jun 23 @ 11:08pm 
FieldNinja, send Tripwire a message at their forums and tell them that you want a CloudLift option for RO2. It's made for exactly this kind of situation.
FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 11:34pm 
What does this exactly do?
FieldNinja101st Jun 23 @ 11:36pm 
I thought cloud saving was so you could just have it linked on the cloud save and play on any computer at a later date or whenever? Does this effect performance?
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