raphasauer Jun 20 @ 4:11pm
Is it worth buying only RO2?
I want to play this game so bad, but I only can buy the Red Orchestra 2 (without rising storm/NOT rising storm). Will I loose a lot of content (additional information: I don't care about US vs Japan, only about Germany vs Russia matches). Anyway, what do I really get buying only RO2? Does the servers use a lot of RS content? Thanks in advance.
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Razgriz Jun 20 @ 4:23pm 
You can actually still play rising storm matches with only having owned RO2, just you'll be limited to the rifleman class if the server switches to RS. So you wont have to worry about being kicked out of the server should it switch theatres to the pacific.

So if you really don't care about the US and Japanese units you don't have to buy it and you can still play without worry of being kicked due to not having RS. You just can't make full use of the US or IJN tools and weapons.
Moskeeto Jun 20 @ 4:37pm 
I think it's better to buy only Rising Storm because you'll get the full multiplayer of both if you do so.
Moskeeto Jun 20 @ 4:52pm 
Even if you don't care about the Pacific, it is better to buy RS only because it gives you the full RO2 multiplayer as well.
spat55 Jun 20 @ 5:55pm 
Just wait for the sale and get it for next to nothing, £3.74 if you are in england which I highly doubt as I have just seen your avatar lol.
Haifisch Jun 20 @ 7:46pm 
i think you should buy ro2 you can choose where to play and also you can play rs matches without owning it
Moskeeto Jun 20 @ 7:48pm 
But again, like I said, buying RS gets you full access to all the classes and weapons for BOTH RS and RO2.
Vac Banned Jun 20 @ 8:29pm 
Commander BEANS Jun 20 @ 9:39pm 
Like Moskeeto said, its better to buy RS so you can get full access
Tinkoff Jun 21 @ 12:07am 
Game is still quite good for playing, even if you don't have that "deluxe" version. Those 4 wapons don't change gameplay. :-)
Jacques Jun 21 @ 12:58am 
Definitely worth the buy!!! 11/10 would buy again
Fabulous Rainbow Korgdeth Jun 21 @ 1:07am 
11 out of 10
dberladyn Jun 21 @ 7:42am 
11/10 - well worth it.

Bruine Beer Jun 21 @ 7:44am 
Its so fun to play, specially with friends.
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