revengeofnood Jun 17 @ 3:15pm
rogame.exe stopped working
I've reinstalled this game 3 seperate times. and have only had the pleasure to play this once after every reinstall. I have verified the integrity of game files, and still this game refuses to work. Any advice or fixes would be much appreciated.
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revengeofnood Jun 17 @ 3:18pm 
I only made this thread because after doing everything in the FAQ, the game still doesnt work.
Moskeeto Jun 17 @ 3:28pm 
You didn't mention deleting your config files in documents/mygames/redorchestra2
so I assumed you hadn't read it.
revengeofnood Jun 18 @ 7:16pm 
sorry yeah i forgot to mention i did that. I first cut and pasted it to my desktop deleting it from game folder. That worked for a day, and then went back to the error message. after that i deleted it completely and again it worked for one day and then went back to the error message. That's the reason i had to reinstall 3 different times. it's a shame i love this game all 3-4 times ive played but it's at the point of unplayable.
revengeofnood Jun 18 @ 7:36pm 
ive even reinstalled visual c++ and reinstalled punkbuster. i mean i have seriously gone through this entire list with fixes. :/
R5CYA Jun 18 @ 8:35pm 
just wondering, have you opened the task manager and verified that punkuster a and b are both working?
revengeofnood Jun 19 @ 5:29pm 
yes i have. and ive updated. and reinstalled and reupdated my punkbuster. the problem is my the game wont even load the main menu. it black screens and rogame error pops up.
a_random_gamer Jul 5 @ 3:11pm 
help i can't play rising storm rogame.exe crash if i start the game it crash
PFC Tuomainen [29ID] Jul 6 @ 5:58am 
Originally posted by a_random_gamer:
help i can't play rising storm rogame.exe crash if i start the game it crash
Please start own topic so you can helped individually.

EDIT: Fixed game issue with a_random gamer
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