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Catalavos {TP} 2014年6月17日下午1:30
Custom map player roll call
A very simple thing really. If you are a player who actively or purposely seeks out and plays custom maps please respond with a simple "yes" or "here". I don't want this to be a thread for opinions or why you do or don't play custom maps. I'm just trying to get a head count. This information can help custom mappers figure out if continuing to create custom content is worth their time.
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R5CYA 2014年6月17日下午2:24 
yes. i only play custom maps! thanks for your hard work!
1275GT 2014年6月17日下午3:59 
here Custom map is what made RO1, CC, DH AND MN all good games and what will make RO2 as well
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NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR 2014年6月18日上午12:22 
Acriaph 2014年6月18日上午12:29 
Catalavos {TP} 2014年6月18日下午5:31 
Oh, I guess I should count myself, too. Here.
R5CYA 2014年6月18日下午6:10 
pretty sad more people didn't shout out. i wont blame you if you decide to make maps for someone else from now on.
AMTPS 2014年6月18日下午6:32 
Catalavos {TP} 2014年6月19日上午9:04 
R5-yeah, it's amazing how little attention gets paid to custom stuff but then I guess that's the player base we have now thanks to features like un-locks and weapon leveling.
R5CYA 2014年6月19日上午9:39 
the scourge of gaming. i was so disapointed to see that stuff on launch. how did we get by in ostfront without unlocks?
Guy 2014年6月19日上午10:30 
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