Catalavos {TP} 2014年6月17日 13時30分
Custom map player roll call
A very simple thing really. If you are a player who actively or purposely seeks out and plays custom maps please respond with a simple "yes" or "here". I don't want this to be a thread for opinions or why you do or don't play custom maps. I'm just trying to get a head count. This information can help custom mappers figure out if continuing to create custom content is worth their time.
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R5CYA 2014年6月17日 14時24分 
yes. i only play custom maps! thanks for your hard work!
1275GT 2014年6月17日 15時59分 
here Custom map is what made RO1, CC, DH AND MN all good games and what will make RO2 as well
最近の変更は1275GTが行いました; 2014年6月17日 16時38分
NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR 2014年6月18日 0時22分 
Acriaph 2014年6月18日 0時29分 
Catalavos {TP} 2014年6月18日 17時31分 
Oh, I guess I should count myself, too. Here.
R5CYA 2014年6月18日 18時10分 
pretty sad more people didn't shout out. i wont blame you if you decide to make maps for someone else from now on.
AMTPS 2014年6月18日 18時32分 
Catalavos {TP} 2014年6月19日 9時04分 
R5-yeah, it's amazing how little attention gets paid to custom stuff but then I guess that's the player base we have now thanks to features like un-locks and weapon leveling.
R5CYA 2014年6月19日 9時39分 
the scourge of gaming. i was so disapointed to see that stuff on launch. how did we get by in ostfront without unlocks?
Guy 2014年6月19日 10時30分 
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