LORD_HAFNAR Jun 15 @ 9:19am
Loading times...
It started happening after the latest update. When I startup game it is loading for 5 minutes if Im lucky. Sometimes it just gets stuck and I have to end the proces. Any fixes for this issue?

Thanks in advance!
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Hank Schrader Jun 15 @ 11:26am 
got the same problem.

at35z Jun 16 @ 12:34am 
Oh, so I'm not alone. I've never played this before, so I've never experienced fast-loading. I just thought there's something wrong with MY pc, but then there is not. "Thanks." I hope it will be fixed soon.
☭Wladimir Putin☭ Jun 16 @ 5:43am 
Same Here -.-
[HS]=>®omano Jun 16 @ 6:33am 
5 - 10 minutes : you have a problem on your computer I think. Many people since last patch noticed a longer loading time and a little freeze on the server welcome screen, but we talk about more seconds (instead of 5 seconds on splash screen it is now 10 - 15 seconds depending on people). I don't know how to help you but 5-10 minutes to load is not normal.
Solestia Jun 16 @ 12:13pm 
When I click on play instead of near instantly jumping to the intro video it has a loading image for about 15 or more seconds. Where as before I could click on play esc esc and I'd be at the main menu (until that update that made one video unskippable). Now it's just wait forever. Level loading times are slower than they have been but not the slowest.
DonutMongoose Jun 17 @ 4:33am 
Mine doesnt take 10 mnts to load , but it does take a good 4 mnts to ramp up for sure.
SU-37 YELLOW Jun 17 @ 12:41pm 
LORD_HAFNAR Jun 18 @ 3:23am 
Still no solution? Thats sad...
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SU-37 YELLOW Jun 18 @ 2:12pm 
Originally posted by JC Denton:
Still no solution? Thats sad... :Nutcracker: :Nutcracker: :Nutcracker:
They are working on it.
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