Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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[OCG] Corcek Jul 3, 2014 @ 12:39am
Looking for people to squad up with
looking to find people interested in cooperative play. poeple who like to play as a team weather that be winning or losing just teamwork is essential.

Have our own ts for people to jump in with us as well so feel free to comment or add me.
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[OCG] Corcek Jul 3, 2014 @ 3:35pm 
[OCG] Corcek Jul 3, 2014 @ 8:55pm 
[OCG] Corcek Jul 4, 2014 @ 4:05pm 
Zero Jul 7, 2014 @ 1:00am 
I wouldnt mind a friend!
GodShake Jul 7, 2014 @ 6:08am 
It would awesome playing with people cooperative
[OCG] Corcek Jul 7, 2014 @ 5:26pm 
thats the plan i was going for :)
[OCG] Corcek Jul 7, 2014 @ 6:01pm 
no thanks mate i run my own group dont need to sign up with yours
TIG (Banned) Jul 7, 2014 @ 6:20pm 
Originally posted by 2nd Lt Bicardi 2-26:
You could join the 2nd Battalion 26th Marine Regiment that is opening up in Rising Storm. Check us out at www.26thmar.org

I'll check it out.
[OCG] Corcek Jul 7, 2014 @ 7:02pm 
i friggen hate that i put up a post about trying to get poeple together then someone post some♥♥♥♥♥♥for their group inside my post. I mean come on how hard is it to make your fricken own one lol.

but enough rage from me anyone who wants to do some cooperative play add me or comment ill add you and we can jump into a lobby and have some fun.
TIG (Banned) Jul 7, 2014 @ 10:52pm 
Well, you started a thread. Wow. Good for you.

They have a website, organization and a better understanding of grammar.

Who would you choose?
[OCG] Corcek Jul 7, 2014 @ 10:55pm 
Thats fine mate but dont post recuriting in other people post who are just looking for people to game with thats all im saying.
semensatch Jul 11, 2014 @ 2:16pm 
hi raver..i'm italian but if you wanna play in squad i'm here beacuse i also searching some friends to play with.. we can try to speak english :) cya
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