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Campaign Map Strategies
When fighting a campaign the campaign map becomes just as much of a battle ground as the battlefield itself. It is the way you control the 'combat power' of your opponant. That 'combat power' determines his 'force' available on the battlefield maps as well, the lower the combat power as I have seen on many maps the lower the amount of troops available. Attack is not the 'only' way to win, our group has won defending and reducing the enemy combat power without taking all of the enemy territories.
1500hrs+ into game I have also observed that if you surround and isolate regions it also dramartically reduces the enemy combat power available when you 'cut off' and attack regions.

Many argue that point but I watch the initial troop numbers available when battle maps open and that decrease based on being 'surrounded' appears as a reality.

Many times you pick battles/maps that can 'bleed out' the enemy combat power, I have intentionally instructed the Team to slow down, and bleed enemy out to '0'. But you also must manage the 'lockout' timer as well. Long range maps in territories are prime for this, where short range maps are quick and dirty, limiting casualites. Bridges is the best 'bleed out' map available both offensive and defensive, it is the skill and aggresion factor of the commander and the troops following the 'plan' that determines success. Apartments is the fast, down and dirty map.

When you are voting listen to the expierienced players suggesting, just don't do maps that are 'fun', as that is an easy way to lose campaign. You want to 'win' real quick, as the attacker hit and win Bridges two times in a row,then hit it again, and watch the opponants rage quit en masse. War is also physcological.
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Jolly Jew Aug 19, 2014 @ 7:14am 
people usually hate campeign because its very often a one-sided pupstomp with stacked teams. and those who do play campegin just want to play the maps and don't care much for the outcome of the campeign
so im sorry to say, your advice won't be of much use
There are a lot of populated 'Campaign Servers' played, I play on 6. And three are serious tactical, and well populated nightly.
I really like Campaign servers. They're the main reason I still play in the Eastern Front maps. Makes for a more challenging experience overall, plus you have the potential to bond more with players, if you're into that sort of thing.
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