Mr Super Spinach Aug 18 @ 2:25am
My riflemen is level 2 and I can get a pistol. But I can't equip it. Do someone know how to equip it or is it impossible ?
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hippocampalKitten (j) Aug 18 @ 3:08am 
If you're on a server that's playing realism or classic and playing Stalingrad front maps, riflemen do not get pistols by default; only select classes do - though the server might have an option to enable them in Realism. However, riflemen from both Axis and Allies in Rising Storm maps get pistols from the start, I believe.
SA-StF.Reno|6TH|-SA-| Aug 18 @ 4:23am 
I think only the japanese get pistols in Rising storm when you first start.
Chocolate Treats Aug 18 @ 10:36am 
yea depends on the server and the map, there wont be a lot of situations where you will use the thing anyway, eing use to not having it you wont think about it when you can. Thats how iw as at least
Serzhant Patapov Aug 18 @ 10:47am 
Basic rifleman of the era were seldom issued or had easy access to pistols. Pick em up on the field should be the ONLY option. Do we really want RO2 to go further into the arcade realm of weapons and who got them. Sticking to some form of reality of the era would be nice.
[2.FJg]Jank-Gefr. Aug 18 @ 11:28am 
If you have a pistol, hit 2 to equip it.
=(e)= Lemonater47 Aug 18 @ 3:15pm 
A normal soldier would more likely carry an enemy pistol he scored as loot.
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