Captain Phill Aug 17 @ 4:10pm
How to load a servers welcome screen quicker?
Basically. It takes not a long time, but not a quick time to load welcome screens. By the time this is done, all that is left to choose from is the rifleman class.

Anyway to speed it up and make it load faster?
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76 Aug 17 @ 10:28pm 
not really.... install RO2 on a SSD.
Bad Wolf [24pz] Aug 18 @ 12:50am 
Unfortunatly what ive found to work is that you ll have to get a better pc.When i was playing from my crappy laptop it took me anything between 10-15 minutes to load the map.Now that i got my high end PC the game loads in 30 secs.I could be wrong on weather you need a total upgrade on everything to get this result,it could be only one of my high end parts that gets me the fast speed but since im not a pc expert if anyone can say with certainty what part it is that you need i leave it to them.The only advice i can give is this one.
SA-StF.Reno|6TH|-SA-| Aug 18 @ 4:26am 
It's all an internet and computer factor, I run a laptop and when my clan used to have a public server (Which was french hosted) It took me about minute to load into game, Stick to good ping servers, upgrade your computer is all you can do.
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