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6th Wehrmacht Recruiting time dedicated people of any skill
Hello, I'm Reno an Officer of the 6th Wehrmacht, we are an Axis based clan found 14 years ago and been active on Ro2 for about a year now. In Red orchestra we have a team work system based on divisions that do specific purposes. We do rifle drill (In german), parades, clan wars etc on a weekly basis.

1stInfantry, the bulk riflemen of the 6th, the standard infantry but very vital to the clan

4thGarde, The support units of the 6th, Defensive riflemen along with skilled MGs and AT gunners when needed.

2ndCAV, The PanzerGrenadiers, the best riflemen in the 6th combined with an offensive strategy and when not attacking the enemy head on they are protecting armor of any sort.

SturmAbteilung, The elite stormtroopers of the 6th, we lead the assault often flanking with SMGs and the assault rifle MKB to destroy the enemy.

3rdCAV, the Armor of the 6th, best tankers the 6th has these tankers work to support the infantry and when they are not playing as tanks they are a sniper unit.

Trainings are around 5-6 PM Eastern United States time zone, even though we are NA based we have lots of EU members, to be 6th member you must be able to make these training times and understand english clearly enough to take orders.

If you are interested in joining please respond or add me on steam I'm online all the time, or if your just looking to see what everythings about just ask.

Good day to you all, hope you join!
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Benny Aug 17, 2014 @ 1:05pm 
I am interested in joining, altough i have not been playing for a while. I speak both english and German.
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Kyle XY Aug 17, 2014 @ 1:37pm 
I am very interested.. I need to know more about the time comittment. Thanks.
Trainings are 4-6 EST, theres about 3-5 trainings a week, if you can it's best to make a minimal amount of them, but the more you attend the faster you'll be promoted. We are also a group of friends so we spend alot of time of TS hanging out and myself plays alot of Ro2 so there will always be someone to play with.
bawbags Aug 17, 2014 @ 5:12pm 
hi im interested, i ust need to add you to join?
Yeah add me and send a message to me on steam and I'll tell where to go from there.
Kyle XY Aug 17, 2014 @ 10:25pm 
thanks for the info. will make sure i keep this in mind, i need to figure out if i would be able to make the 3-5 training sessions a week if it works with my schedule. thank you.
If you have added me already message me on steam about joining because I get random friend requests reguraly.
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