geh Aug 6 @ 12:38am
Enhancing the graphic

is there some way to enhance the graphic even more, like some ini tweaking or something? The game runs in ultra here, just curious if I can make it look even better.
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Wookie Aug 6 @ 2:29am 
Probably, dont know it all off hand but you can probably do well looking up Unreal3 engine ini tweaks. Those should apply to RO2 nicely.
geh Aug 6 @ 2:52am 
Thanks for the reply, do you know some good online guide that shows which command can be tweaked?
Wookie Aug 6 @ 3:23am and

Its probaby has one or two redundencies but thats the basic gist.
jalex3 Aug 6 @ 3:45am 
Do some reading on sweetFX.
geh Aug 6 @ 6:33am 
Cool stuff, thanks!

If you have more stuff, feel free to add it :)
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Jesusfreak Aug 7 @ 7:21am 
You can increase the duration that dead bodies will stay. It really adds to the immersion. There's a guide here on Steam, just find it there.
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