Hamzee Jul 29 @ 10:35pm
My Batman AA doesn't have a CD key!!?!!
I bought Batman Arkham Asylum a few years ago and have enjoyed it very much for many years. The only problem is that i will soon not be able to play it and i cant get it on steam.
This is because my 'Best of' version of AA does not have a CD key. I've looked all throughout the case and CD but i cant find it. What can i do?
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terminator.92 Jul 30 @ 3:18am 
Why don't you just buy it on Steam?
Hamzee Jul 30 @ 9:13pm 
but iv already bought it. Why would ibuy something i already have? i just cant play it.
DeemonR Jul 31 @ 1:34am 
Same thing. No key.
skipper Aug 2 @ 4:09am 
I bought and recieved today from amazonuk from a seller and got the key. Make sure its not in the instruction manual or a little tiny booklet. My AA caome in dvd boxed with no instruction though but it was in a disc folder and the cd key was on there.
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Snotnarok Aug 6 @ 6:34pm 
Back of the manual may have it, or like Doom 3 it's behind one of the discs in the case. (I don't have this physical) at worst, wait for a steam sale and it gets insanely cheap anyway.

Or, email the dev/publisher with a pic of you, the box and the manual and ask and see if they can help you out. I've heard of this working in the past with others. :\
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Laxus.|< Aug 11 @ 4:54am 
Or just download one from one of the gazillion warez sites.
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